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“Together, We are Quebec”

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

Last March 7, 2016 Immigration minister Kathleen Weil announced a new plan to revamp the Quebec immigration system called Together, We are Quebec. Attempting to reduce the current four-year processing time it takes for an immigrant to land in Canada, the system aims at retaining workers and students with temporary visas in the province.

To improve times, the policies aim to speed up immigration processes by integrating digital technology. Individuals trained in sectors that are high in demand will be targeted first, more steps to recognize qualifications gained overseas will be taken and an increased focus on integration will be pursued. The learning of French will also become an integral component, increasing flexibility and availability of French learning courses.

The retention of foreign students will also become an area of renewed focus for the Quebec government as during the conference Weil stated retention of foreign workers in Quebec is only at around 20 to 30 per cent. While the number isn’t low, it’s something the province wants to work on, seeing as foreign students and workers as bringers of diversity.

For Quebec’s 2015-2016 economic plan, the province plans on contributing $42.5 million over five years to help immigrants and cultural minorities contribute to the development of Quebec. While full details haven’t been released the plan goes hand in hand with the province’s new aims at integrating students and workers.

With the trend of changes in Quebec, there has never been a better time to consider immigrating to the province. As the Syrian refugees also continue to be settled into society, the province has adopted a very diverse and accepting cultural landscape welcoming to many new Canadian immigrants. If you are interested in immigrating and working in Canada, get assessed on your eligibility to enter and explore your options by sending us an email at