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Business Visa

Canada welcomes successful business people seeking entrepreneurial opportunities. The Business Class Immigrant program is designed to attract business immigrants who have abilities and resources to invest or establish business in Canada and make a positive contribution to the Canadian economy.

They may accomplish this by applying their capital and know-how to Canadian business ventures, which will create jobs for Canadians and help the Canadian economy. The Self-employed category facilitates the entry of individuals who can contribute towards Canada’s cultural and artistic life.

The objective of the selection of business immigrants will be established use of previous business experience and net-worth as the threshold for selection, using common elements in the Investor and Entrepreneur definitions to assess business experience (entrepreneurs need to demonstrate experience in ownership or management of a business). It also allows for the inclusion of spousal assets when assessing net worth.
The business immigration program comprises of three types of applicants:

  1. Entrepreneurs
  2. Investors
  3. Self Employed Persons

This Program requires that the Applicant has proven business management or ownership experience and has a net worth of C$300,000 (spouse’s assets can be included). Entrepreneurs are described as individuals who have the intention and ability to establish, purchase or make substantial investment in a business venture in Canada. The venture must make significant contribution to the economy and must result in creation or maintenance of employment opportunities for one or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents, other than the entrepreneurs and his/her dependents. The entrepreneur must also provide active and ongoing participation in management of the business.

Investors are those persons who have operated, controlled or directed a financially successful business or commercial undertaking and have accumulated a net worth of, at least, C$1,600,000. Investors are required to make an investment of a minimum of $800,000 for at least five years by depositing this amount with the Canadian government. This investment has to be made prior to approval of the immigration case and the investment is secured against loss. The immigrant is refunded the full $800,000 after five years and three months, WITHOUT interest.

Those who wish to partake in the investor immigration program may live anywhere in Canada. Hence their place of residence is not determined by the location of their investment.

We can also arrange loans/financing from recognized institutions & banks so that you will not have to disburse the entire $800,000.

Self-employed persons are those who have the intention and ability to establish/purchase a business in Canada that will create an employment opportunity for the applicant and would make significant contributions to the Canadian Economy or cultural or artistic life of Canada. This category accommodates individuals who may not create or preserve jobs for Canadians, but can make a significant contribution in the economic or cultural or artistic terms, such as sports personalities, artists, members of the performing arts, operator of small outlets that certain communities may need and farmers.