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Arranged Employment

Arranged Employment is one of the six factors under Canada’s new points system for selecting immigrants under the Skilled Worker category. It is essentially a genuine job offer by a Canadian employer that is approved (validated) by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

There has been a sudden need worldwide for “Arranged Employment” in Canada.

Arranged Employment is an offer made by a Canadian employer for a permanent position, which has been approved/ confirmed by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

A positive Arranged Employment Opinion (AEO) supports the immigration of a Skilled Worker to Canada and is one factor that CIC considers when reviewing an application for permanent residency. An AEO only supports the person’s application for permanent residency, but will not result in CIC issuing a work permit and does not allow the person to work in Canada before receiving his/her permanent residency.

Arranged Employment does the following:

  1. Makes an applicant eligible even if his/her occupation is not on the Priority List at the time of application
  2. Supports the Skilled Workers application for permanent residency (this can speed up immigration processing times)
  3. Brings the Skilled Worker an additional 10-15 points towards the eligibility score
  4. Allows applicant to forgo the financial requirements for a permanent residency application (no proof of funds required)

Applicant Eligibility:
The applicant must meet the requirements of the Skilled Worker Class. HRSDC will only confirm job offers whose job descriptions fall within the A, B & O categories of the Canadian National Occupational Classification Matrix.