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Quebec Skilled Worker online application

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Under the new online system, 2,800 applications will be accepted with the successful ones being granted a Quebec selection certificate and a chance to obtain permanent residency in Quebec.

Opened last January 18, 2016, applicants may see some changes made to the process. While the requirements to qualify are staying the same, the application process is moving to an online system. Quebec government plans to reveal more about the system’s workings before the application process is opened, however under the new system the immigration process is said to be less cumbersome, more transparent, and more reactive than before. Quebec is the most recent province to join the trend of switching to online immigration processes, with the Federal Express Entry system being a notable example of online application processes already in place. Though application should be easier as the process is now automated, applicants should take note that the cap size is smaller, and that next year only 2,800 applicants will be accepted as opposed to the 3,500 this year. Preparation is key as the cap is expected to be reached within weeks.

The application system has changed, many of the qualification criteria for the program remains the same. The program still uses point based system where points are awarded for an applicant’s language proficiency, work experience, whether or not the applicant had a validated job offer in Quebec, age, area of training, prior relationship with Quebec (through visits or relatives), and the human capital factors of the applicant’s common-law partner or spouse. A single applicant had to score 49 points in order to be given a QSC, while one with a common-law partner or spouse had to score at least 57. Once a QSC was granted the applicant had to pass a medical and security exam, conducted by the federal government, before being granted permanent resident status.

Changes made for the 2015-2016 year include the removal of the adaptability requirements, which evaluated the ability of an applicant to adapt to life in Quebec based on their knowledge of various local topics, and lowered amount of points necessary to pass. Applicants should also take note that while points may be awarded for French proficiency, it is not a requirement for qualification.

With demand on the rise for the Quebec skilled worker program, applicants hoping to get in should have all documentation prepared in advance. With limited spots, the quota is predicted to fill very quickly in 2016 so those seriously contending for a Quebec Selection Certificate should know preparation is key.